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Full Moon in Libra's Big Energy Report: Grand Trine and Chiron the Wounded Healer

Aries Season is one of the most magical Full Moons of the year. During this Libra Full Moon the Moon, Mars and Saturn align in a perfect triangle known as a Grand Trine. Grand Trines are considered lucky, protective, and even magical! They represent harmony, and an easy flow of energy between these cosmic energies.
The Grand Trine of Mars, Saturn and the Moon

Mars and Saturn, along with the Moon, join forces to help us get motivated, work hard, and go after our dreams and goals. This is strong manifestation energy that can really help us tackle projects we may have thought were too big or too ambitious. Something may also culminate for you on this Full Moon where you are able to see the rewards of all your hard work and risk-taking efforts.

Protection: The Conjunct of the Moon, Mars and Saturn offers extra protection. Use this extra protection to go outside your comfort zone, try new things, take new risks and allow yourself to be more vulnerable if that will help you manifest more of what you desire.

Hardships passing: This Full Moon Grand Trine helps us move past whatever hardships or struggles we are currently facing. To be most effective, take positive action, use inner strength and listen to the wisdom of your soul. Grand Trines flow with minimal effort, so if you are looking for a solution at this time, know that it is likely to arise from a place of ease rather than struggle. Full Moons represent completion points so you may find yourself at the end of the road on a long journey you have been working hard to complete. Celebrate all you have achieved and all you have become.

Use wounds as fuel: With Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer conjunct the sun, it’s healing powers are intensified. This includes wounds we come into this life with and wounds we inherit along the way. Many of our deep wounds don’t fully pass, but they can be healed thus transformed into fuel. When we are no longer triggered by old wounds, we begin to access much deeper soul wisdom and go from victim to survivor. This is an opportunity for a MASSIVE SHIFT. But the work must be done internally to fully gain the benefits. Wounds also serve to make us whole and are important parts of our soul journey. By transcending these wounds that we are able to heal and inspire not just ourselves, but also those around us.

Inner warrior rising: Chiron is in Aries, reminding us that this is not a time to lick our wounds. It’s time to serve as fuel to help us rise up into our inner warrior. This Full Moon represents the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Here is an opportunity to consider all the wounds, challenges, difficulties and closed doors and transmute those lessons into your wisdom, awaken your inner warrior from within your soul, and let go of victim energy. Aries energy is that of strong leadership. Even warriors feel fear and self doubt. They just don’t let it limit them.

Healing & harmony: The presence of Venus will soften the energy, reminding us that our rising can happen in our own time, in our own way, and from a place of love. This combination of energy is soft and sensitive, allowing us to open to the truth of who we are. We are perfect just as we are; we deserve to be accepted just as we are. You are whole, and beautiful, and perfect just as you are. The Grand Trine alignment between the Moon, Mars and Saturn bring harmony and ease.

Tackle tricky projects: You may find that projects and goals you have been working on blossom into success! Perfect time to give another try at anything you may have been procrastinating on or have hit roadblocks in completing. This doesn’t mean it won’t still be tricky. It means you’ll have an easier time navigating any roadblocks as long as you stay focused on the desired end result.

Rewards for risk taking: The combination of Mars, Saturn, and the Moon brings rewards from hard work. Efforts will likely be rewarded. You may find that projects and goals you have been working on bud and blossom into a new fullness. This is an excellent time to re-evaluate your financial planning and investment strategy. This is a two week window of opportunity, so to make the most of it, get started sooner than later.

Go after dreams & goals: Dreams and goals you have been working on bud and blossom into a new fullness. Manifesting energies are highly intensified, creating opportunity to proactively visualize your dreams and goals. They can change from dreams and goals to change and success.

High motivation & hard work: This Full Moon brings very high powered energies and motivation. You may feel much more inspired to pick up an old project, start a new one, redecorate, complete difficult projects and let go of our excuses. This energy fuels us through slumps and procrastination.

Release what no longer serves: Full Moons are always a time of release, and as this is the first Full Moon since the start of the Equinox and astrological new year, we may find ourselves naturally purging and clearing the past. Consciously allow any old memories, wounds, challenges or belief systems that are no longer in alignment with who you have grown to be over the last lunar cycle.

This cycle is one of the most powerful ones of the year. All the difficulties of 2020 offered many lessons for us on a soul level. Use this motivational energy to dream, visualize, work hard, manifest and elevate your soul to an entirely new level as we begin the next lunar cycle of the year, and 12 new opportunities to upgrade, heal and ascend.

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